Baby bird teaches how to love

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Baby bird teaches how to love

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This incident is really empowering in the sense that it has given me the practical experience to be a witness of one of the important yogic principle, which we yogis has to follow – Ahimsa.

Great sage Patanjali has mentioned in Yoga Sutras, a great dealt about Ahimsa or non violence as primordial for all successful relationship in life.

That relationship is not just confined with your family, loved ones, strangers or any other being , but also include your relationship with your higher self within.

How much you are connected to the absolute higher consciousness that you have within. Patanjali yoga sutras doesn’t only tell what true love is but also provide us the method on how to love.

Method is Ahimsa that teaches us how to love oneself and others truly.

Just like the saying goes, if you don’t know how to love yourself , how can you love other person. But the love i am talking about is not the worldly or bodily love, which is not love really but lust or greed depending in the situation. That again goes back to the lowest nature of the human being.

The whole essence of Love is all about not hurting, harming or killing, also known as ahimsa in yoga philosophy.

Let’s focus on the practicality of this yogic method rather than mere theory.

Story goes like this

During afternoon I was just busy doing my work , suddenly i noticed the floor is getting flooded with water. The source of that water is from the tap which was there in the balcony which i was not using as that is officially baby (pigeon bird)hatching zone.

Life starts with a great struggle

When i reached there i saw the pigeon baby was struggling for life in that water. The baby must be hardly a week old as the wings and other parts are still developing its functionality. I just closed the tap and rushed to save him.

The baby bird was shivering and all wet. I immediately bring him in and let him dry. I started the work of removing the water. But the whole drain was choked, so i removed water and cleaned the whole place manually.

While i was removing the water i realized that the second baby bird has died. As, last time i remembered there were two eggs there and mother bird was working hard to hatch them properly. The body of the dead bird was just like flattened skin with no flesh or bones whatsoever like a garment is left, rest is gone. So, i realized that he might have not survived the initial hatching phase of his life.  Surprisingly the nest was not like that of the wooden twigs but of the iron, can check out in video too. May be iron was the base, mother bird might have used something else but i couldn’t find anything else. Whatever  setting was there, now it has gone in the water.

This baby bird is really lucky as he survived that critical stage as well as this water flood accident.

He did fantastic job, i m sure he is fearless with strong fire of  atma shakti (the power of soul or atman).

After one and half hour, his home was ready with coconut husk and he was well dried too. I noticed his mom was also bit uneasy and was waiting for him outside the place where i found him.

While i was carrying him on my hand, on the way back to his rebuilt home. I happen to witness and feel the heart beat of a baby bird. That heart beat was so powerful and i felt like i was able to read what is going on with him. Instantly i felt connected at different level of the body. Though the touch was of physical body but the experience was way beyond that. The warmth of my hands made him feel comfortable and secure.

Power of touch

Be it animal, bird or human, we all are equipped to sense what type of touch it is, when somebody touches us. Just like the touch plays an important role in our yoga philosophy. The gentle warmth of my hand made a direct contact with his body. He was venerable but strong. He put his best fight and nature favored him by sending me to him to save his life.

Action and surrender fruits to the ultimate loved one

In the same way we often encounter countless venerable moments in life. But, all we need to do is to put the best action forward and surrender one self with that higher consciousness within us. An external required help will be sent to us. If we understand the practicality of this yogic principal and implement in our life then one can witness great transformation in one’s personality.

Emotions and gestures part of life

Whole of this time he was sitting on my palm and receiving warmth and energy from down to up direction. He really loved it. When i kept him on his place, he felt happy and relaxed. He expressed that emotion or gesture by peeing and pooping.

When toxins are taken out from the body be it human or bird , it always brings relaxation and joy.  Just like in human world, people feel creative and get great ideas when they are in washroom.  If we know how to love properly then we can definitely feel that relaxation and joy all the time irrespective of time, space and causation.

And yes, Yoga give us the method of how to love. Just practice Ahmisa and you will know it by yourself.

What is Love?

Finally they reunited with happiness of true love. Method of how to love is simple – just don’t harm, hurt or kill where you live. Love is not harming, hurting or killing.

Yogic philosophy is so deep and always hits at root cause, says

Let your mind, action, and speech come together and witness the ultimate power of love by not harming, hurting or killing.

Final notes

As you understand yourself better, you can love better. Love is all about giving selflessly without any restriction and it ultimately leads to freedom. Love makes one aware of the reality or ultimate truth.  All is one, Brahman – the ultimate love or reality.

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