Holistic healing health consultation will help you to jump start your fitness (Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) level in the right direction. Receive personalized healing protocol to achieve your health goal holistically. With the powerful combination of yoga, meditation, breathing and other ancient healing therapies, implement the right healing protocol to regain your health.

Jyoti khatri is trained and certified in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), specialized as Acupuncture therapist. She is an Internationally certified 1000 hours YOGA ACHARYA . She has also been trained in energy or prana healing  by real Yogis who live secretly and practice these ancient healing techniques. These ancient prana energizing and healing technique gives instant results without intake of any medicine what so ever. She is Internationally certified “Elite Trainer” from ISSA.

Her experience in various holistic healing therapies including

  • Prana Healing,
  • Reki
  • Acupuncture
  • Electro acupunture
  • Acupressure
  • Moxibation
  • Vacuum therapy or cupping
  • Gua cha,
  • Lymph drainage treatment

makes her every therapy session unique, powerful and gives result instantly.

She being a certified yoga acharya and holistic wellness writer. Her work involves providing unbiased scientific evidence for the natural self healing practices of the human body.

She loves and appreciate science, but firmly believe that not all things can be explained by science. After all, human mind is limited by space, time and cause. There exist a higher absolute consciousness above all which is within all living and non-living things.

She firmly believe that all types of diseases can be easily treated by moving, transferring, transporting, transmitting, warming, cooling and inducing Qi (bioenergy), blood, Jing (life essence) and the body fluids  at the deficient part or organ of the body from where these are excess in the human body.

As, every therapy has some limitations and so it has to be carefully substituted with other therapies. Due to her experience and expertise on various healing therapies, she effectively provide the result.

Her therapy treatment session works on both at superficial and deep level. She make sure that prana or vital energy force is properly charged and energized before unblocking or moving the prana or vital life energy force.


If you agree, and understand following things, then results are bound to happen within a session.

  • These therapy sessions are sacred work in which you are connecting to the divinity within you, that has all healing power.
  • Individual has to be open minded, and receptive to the cosmic energy.
  • Should be free from all the prejudice, judgement or notions. Let session ends, and you will be amazed by the results.
  • You will be a open recipient to the cosmic energy and she act as a powerful mediator (because of her spiritual practices) that helps you heal all of your health (physical, mind, emotion or spiritual) problems.
  • Every individual is different even though if they have same health problems.
  • Prana or life vital energy has all the healing power that every human being carries within.

A kind note to the people with only scientific mind or attitude, who doesn’t believe on energy system within are also welcome to experience that healing energy that carries with you. You will also experience that instant healing result if you agree on the following term

  • Be open minded, free from all judgment, prejudice, myth or notion
  • Let your experience speak and decide once therapy session ends

It is YOU, who is going to heal yourself, she will be a perfect instrument to help you heal.

If you agree on above terms then you are welcome for holistic health consultation to heal and free yourself from physical, mental or emotional pain of all sort.

You will be receiving a personalized healing protocol based on your health concern.

I accept donations for consultations using Googlepay, Paytm, Direct bank transfer/ Paypal or a credit/debit card.  Please pay at least $50 for an hour of my time. If you can afford more please pay more.  I’m sure you’ll benefit from a holistic health consultation. Email me your preferred way for donation to [email protected]

To download Skype:  Please downloaded the LATEST VERSION of Skype. If you don’t know how to download Skype then you should watch some videos on Youtube or ask a friend to help you.  If that fails then please ask a computer tech to help you.

Blessings and positive vibes for your future!

Hope to talk to you soon,


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