Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher(500 hours), traveler, fitness and wellness writer, certified holistic health & wellness therapist of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Jyoti offers yoga and meditation as a way to turn mind inwardly embarking journey of true freedom and happiness. Her yoga classes are a masterful blend of different postures or asanas, breathing techniques, meditation, and proper relaxation for your body, mind and heart. With her knowledge in fundamentals of human nutrition, nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention, child nutrition and cooking, helps to heal with holistic nutrition and mindful eating.

Her therapy treatment session involves balancing bioenergy(Qi) at both superficial and deep level. She use different TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques including acupressure, acupuncture, moxibation, cupping and gua cha. She firmly believe that all types of diseases can be easily treated by moving, transferring, transporting, transmitting, warming, cooling and inducing Qi (bioenergy), blood, Jing (life essence) and the body fluids  at the deficient part or organ of the body from where these are excess in the human body.

Currently Jyoti conducts workshops, teaches group and private classes in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, India.

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