Self Healing Protocol (Online)

Under the guidance of Jyoti Khatri

All types of diseases or illness can be easily treated by moving, transferring, transporting, transmitting, warming, cooling and inducing Qi (bioenergy), blood, Jing (life essence) and the body fluids  at the deficient part or organ of the body from where these are excess in the human body.

As, every self-healing therapy has some limitations and so it has to be carefully substituted with other therapies. Due to her experience and expertise on various healing therapies, she effectively provide the result.

Since the mode of healing will be online. You will get a customized self healing protocol which will make sure that prana or vital energy force is properly charged and energized before unblocking or moving the prana or vital life energy force.

It’s a Step by step process of unlocking the healing potential of the body. You need to track the results of every technique of the self healing therapy. Based on that next self healing technique will be introduced to achieve desirable result.

This is monthly plan, every week you will be given different self healing techniques explained in the form of recorded video. You follow the instruction given in the video and update your results via whatsapp. Based on your body progress and how your body responded, the next week plan will be designed.

After your wellness evaluation, in this program

  • You will receive weekly tasks in the form of recorded video or detailed post or voice note or audio about the self healing ritual need to be performed by you. (The first week include a short live video call that will explain the basics of how to conduct and find energy meridian points, different ways to stimulate it etc)
  • The result of every self healing task giving to you, has to be tracked to measure the progress. Record the updates (Videos, photos, text etc) and share them right away via email or whatsapp.
  • It will also includes 3 monthly live online session (1-1) to introduce certain mind-body-breath work based on the progress of your body. Ideally, this will start from 2 week onward. Whatever is taught in that class you need to practice those techniques daily and share your results. Based on your feedback the next week plan will be tailored.

Cost of the 4 week Self healing protocol – 12000 INR ( monthly)

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